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NoahFace provides highly configurable software solutions that transform iPads and smartphones into the most flexible, scalable, and dependable clocking platform on earth. Fast, reliable, and accurate, NoahFace offers modern features like facial recognition, temperature & alcohol screening, and much more.

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The Best Manufacturing Time Clock Features for Time & Attendance Tracking

Time tracking is an essential aspect of any manufacturing company, as it allows management to monitor employee performance and ensure that operations run smoothly. Traditionally, time clocks have been used in manufacturing companies to track employee attendance, but modern technology has made it possible for companies to utilize more sophisticated systems that offer a range of features......more

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NoahFace Named Top 5 Finalist in HR Innovation Competition

NoahFace has been named one of five finalists in Unleash America's HR Innovation Awards for 2023. The competition sets out to identify and recognize the leading young innovators in the HR tech space.

In its announcement of the 2023 Finalists, Unleash America released the following statement.......more

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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Employee Time Clock Apps for iPads

iPad time clocks offer a range of benefits that traditional time clocks may not be able to provide, such as ease of use, real-time updates, integration with payroll systems, and flexibility. While some businesses may be a little wary to make the switch from traditional time clocks to iPad based time clock apps, there are some key benefits that may make a better choice for many industries......more


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